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“I want nothing less, than the absolute best… for you!” ™


Bernard Evans creations include a blend of mild detergents and conditioners designed to untangle and deep condition hair. The shampoos are rich with copious amounts of luxurious foam that help to gently remove oil and dirt from hair, that often cannot be removed by ordinary shampoos. The conditioners are formulated with hydrolyzed silk protein, which is designed to leave the hair feeling smooth, manageable, and bouncy with a silky sheen.

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KASH manual (front)

The Knowledge, Attitude, Skill, Habit Training Manual will take the Hair Care Professional to heights necessary to stand firm in the Hair Care Industry; to mature to levels that will surpass most who are teetering on mediocre standards. This manual offers leadership training, best product information, hair education, business acumen and self-improvement. K.A.S.H the Training Manual is a go-to source needed by any hair professional who wants to remain relevant and make a difference in this industry in the twenty-first century.

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Business Development Program

Empowers entrepreneurs to aspire in their creativity & vision, by providing knowledge, tools and opportunities for individuals to be inspired and motivated to renew their mind, develop the attitude, skills, and habits needed to accomplish their goals and dreams.



“I want nothing less, than the absolute best… for you!” ™